New to Tea?

Even bugs know that leaf tea is the best ;) !!!


But seriously, why should you choose loose leaf tea?

If your idea of a good cup of tea starts with plain tea bags from the grocery store, you are likely missing out on truly superior tea.

The main difference between loose teas and bagged teas is the size of the leaves. That's what effects the resulting cup of tea. Tea leaves contain chemicals and essential oils, which are the basis for the delightful flavour of tea. When the tea leaves are broken up, those oils can evaporate, leaving a dull and tasteless tea. Typical tea bags are filled with the tiniest pieces of broken leaves, called fannings. Loose teas are typically whole leaves or at least large pieces of leaves.

Additionally to the leaf size, there is also the space factor. Tea leaves need space to swell, expand and unfurl. Good water circulation around the leaves is important, which doesn't typically happen in a cramped little tea bag.

Tea Making Tips - 6 Golden rules 

Loose leaf tea can be very simple and quick to make with a few rules. 

  1. Always use a good quality tea - it is cheaper then you think. A cup of good quality tea  costs less than 15 cents.

  2. Use fresh cold good water - you can use water filters.

  3. Use a ceramic pot to keep the right temperature

  4. Be sure to use a good proportion of tea and water per cup or pot.

  5. Important to note is that the water temperature is correct. For example, boiling water is too hot for white and green teas and will make them taste bitter.

  6. Remember that the steep time will affect how your tea will taste in the end.

Tea for Beginners

If you are new to tea, let us help you select some delicious teas based on your taste. Let’s start choosing a tea. There are certainly many types of tea from white and green teas to black teas and Yerba Mate.  If you are a beginner you should start with aromatized teas. Teas blended with fruits is a good place to start. Some beginner tea drinkers may like the taste and smell of flowers in their tea.  Flowers like jasmine, lavender, and roses can really enhance the experience of drinking tea by adding a full and fragrant aroma.   Below are a few popular teas for beginners:






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