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Mate Bowl Palms
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The authentic way to drink Mate!!!


  Renee - Jun 07 2012, 09:58 AM

"Lavender and Thyme sounds like a ollvey place. I am glad they serve your excellent Organic Assam and Jasmine Petal. I believe I have reviewed both of those teas.In any case, I hate to have to say something negative, but I hate even more to see a particular factual mistake continue to spread.Lavender and Thyme believes they are following English tradition . If so, they have misnamed their event. What they are holding is afternoon tea, not high tea.High tea is actually an outdated term for the English laboring class evening meal, what we call dinner. It consist of a hot meal with a hot meat dish and accompanied by tea. It is called high tea because it is served at the high (kitchen or dining room) table.The event Lavender and Thyme is having is afternoon tea. This is the tea with scones, tea sandwiches, and sweets. It is the fancier, more social tea. It is also called low tea because it was originally served in parlors and sitting rooms on the type of low tables that are in such rooms.Hopefully you can pass this information along to them and they can name their event properly. However, tearooms and other places all across the USA make this mistake everyday, so they will not be alone if they keep the name.Congratulations on having Two Leaves and a Bud served there. I hope it motivates many more people to purchase your lcvely teas."


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