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Masala Chai
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Black tea, cinnamon, sugar, cardamom, ginger, cloves, black pepper, also good with milk.

Health Info

Black tea helps to lower cholesterol and prevent tooth decay. It is good for the heart, because it acts as a gentle stimulant to the body.

Cinnamon has a strong antibacterial, stimulates blood circulation and improves the heart and respiration, also affects the body in strengthening the states of general weakness. Consumed regularly may delay the development of atherosclerosis, has also antispasmodic and przeciwspazmatycznie. No reinforcing properties of the stomach, it is also indispensable in gastrointestinal symptoms - quickly soothes colic, flatulence and diarrhea.

Cardamom used for digestive ailments, such as indigestion, bloating, stomach cramps, has a pleasant taste-used as an ingredient in medicines for digestive problems, because it helps bear the taste less palatable herbs, used in India at the time of asthma, bronchitis, kidney stones, weakness. -In China to treat urinary incontinence as well as a nutrient reinforcement body.

Carnations are recognized as an antiseptic and analgesic, effectively reduce the level of free radicals in cells, which have anti-cancer effects.

Ginger stimulates blood circulation, improves skin hydration and oxygenation. Induces perspiration, neutralizes toxins, helps digestion, absorption and assimilation of food.


Use 1 teaspoon of tea (2g) for cup. Heat water to 100 degrees and brew 3 minutes. 50g of tea equals 25 teaspoons.




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